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Rm 29 was founded by Mia and Hanieka, two college roommates who shared the 29th room on the 6th floor of their dormitory in Boston, MA.

It was in that room that they began collaborating on projects using their different skill sets of computer science and graphic design.

Since its founding in 2018, Rm 29 has worked with clients across the U.S. to bring ideas to life and brands to the next level.

Our Team

Mia is a software and web developer. With experience in backend programming, social media management, and UI/UX design, she has the skills to solve any problem presented to her. Check out her personal portfolio at

Hanieka is a graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter, and studio artist. With experience in corporate design, web design, publishing, and advertising, she is ready to cover all your graphics needs. Check out her personal portfolio at


Mediator Logo and Business Card Design

Mediator Management Group LLC is a small company based in Troy, NY who hired us to design a logo as well as business cards and merchandise. Mediator is named after the British warship HMS Mediator, and the client requested that the logo and branding reflect that naval heritage.

Employee name, phone number, and address on this business card has been edited for privacy

John A. O'Donnell Home Inspections Logo and Business Card Design

John O'Donnell is an engineer who recently began performing home inspection services. He hired us to create a logo and business card for his new home inspection business.

Abbastanza Logo and Merch Design

Abbastanza Wellness is a start-up in Flagstaff, AZ that provides fitness classes and wellness coaching with an emphasis on body positivity. In addition to designing a website for them (see portfolio) we also were hired to cover their branding and marketing strategy, including their logo, color scheme, merchandise, and social media management.

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